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Welcome To WHRB

World HR Board is the educational wing of Middle Earth HR, the world's seventh largest HR training company. Formerly known as Asian HR Board (AHRB), it was started with an objective of building global change agents in the practice of HR. WHRB is a collaborative endeavor between faculty, fellow aspirants, students and the HR community as a whole. We primarily operate through three interactive activities, represented by the 3 growth circles of the WHRB logo.

  1. The first circle represents Education - WHRB selects a few select HR professionals every year with high leadership potential, high growth trajectories and with a high learning orientation  in every region they operate (India, Egypt, Pakistan, UAE). Normally, this elite group are selected from a large  group of applications,  for specialized scholarship based programs to equip them with cutting edge functional competencies
  2. The second circle represents Research and collaborative learning - WHRB focuses its research through work of over a hundred WHRB fellows and over two  hundred licentiate aspirants. These groups build over 100 dissertations and close to a 1000 mentored projects of practical application in HRM every year. The dissertations are built in association with adjunct faculty and guides from our research partner Carlton Advanced Management Institute and are available for other researchers and HR practitioners on that site where they can be downloaded from all over the world .
  3. The third circle represents Spreading Knowledge into the HRM community which is achieved by regional summits conducted with the help of the alumni of WHRB,  conducting learning events in colleges to make students understand key aspects of HR and an HR career.

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